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Well it is amost time to say goodbye to another term at ggc.  I have so enjoyed this term. 
I have actually got to do some things in the classes that I enjoy doing.  Things like writing and meeting new people.  And the teachers are all so nice.  I have yet to find a teacher here at GGC that I did not care for.  They seem to work with you and they keep the classroom students at the minimum capacity so that they can work closely with each student.  This is a good thing because the student learns a whole lot more on a one to one basis, and when the teacher is not so busy he or she can not give each student time spent explaining what is not understand. This term each of the Professors have allowed a certain freedom to the student and that has been good for me. That is why it is going to be hard for me to say goodbye this term, but there is always next term to look forward to.  Bye for now.  PSI will post another installment to my story soon.


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Here is another installment of my story!

“May I open it?” she asked them.

“Of course you may sweetie,” they spoke together.  “It is your birthday.”

As she lifted the lid she held her breath.  Her first glimpse was one of awe.  It was more beautiful than she had imagined. It was more beautiful than Kayla’s  It was made up of different colored stones, she saw turquoise, dark green, purple, pink, and light green. Perhaps it was the fact that it was her bracelet that made it more beautiful she did not know.  What she did know was that it was perfect! And it was hers!

She was fastening it on her wrist when her mother spoke again. The tone of urgency she heard in her mother’s voice made her pause and listen intently to what her mom was saying.

“Lacey, you must keep it on you for the next twelve months. You mustn’t take it off for any reason.  If you do you will face unfortunate consequences. Consequences you may not understand and may not be able to handle.  It is important for you sanity and your maturity. Heed what I am saying, go back and read the book again. read the folklore!  the last was spoken with an intensity that surprised her so much that all she could do was stare at her mother in complete and utter astonishment.

Then with full force she spoke, “Yes mom, I do understand.  I know the legend, but if it’s that important I will read it again.”  She could amost laugh at her mother’s insistent attitude if she hadn’t heard the hysterical worry in her voice. She would read the story again and she would wear the bracelet forever!  Why wouldn’t she?  It would go with everything she wore and besides it was a rite of passage.  She was growing up and the bracelet proved it!

The ringing in her ears brought her attention from the bracelet and her mother and back to the kitchen and the ringing phone as it buzzed.

“Hello,” she spoke into the receiver as she placed it to her ear. The voice on the other end had an excitement which matched her elation. “Good morning Kayla.”

The voice on the other end whispered, “Did you get it?”

“Yes, and it’s already on my wrist” she said breathlessly. “Oh Kayla it’s is beautiful!”

“Oh Lacey, I am so happy for you!” Kayla spoke with exhuberance, excited for her friend. “You know what this means don’t you?  This means no more kid games, now we have to act grown up,” she said teasing her friend. She giggled as Lacey spoke up in defense.

“Speak for yourself Kayla. I’m me and not likely to be anything else for a while. You have had your bracelet for a while now and you’re not grown yet. She giggled too, and when the bout of giggling subsided, both girls sighed and tried to be serious again.

“Well,” Kayla said. “I won’t keep you from your breakfast. I was just curious to see if you had received your bracelet yet.  I will see you in school Monday.”

“Yes,” Lacey replied. ” I will see you Monday.” With that she hung up the phone  and turned back to her family and breakfast.  She was suddenly very hungry!

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This is another installment of the “Eye of Carpathia”

Chapter III Everyday Life

“Lacey! Come on, get up!”  Her mother yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

Her mother did not realize she had been up for hours.  If the truth were told she had slept very little all night.  She had been too excited!  She turned thirteen today and she knew she had at least one neat present.  It was the same one Kayla, her friend received when she turned thirteen! Only this one would belong to her, because now she was thirteen! And it would be all hers! Kayla was her best friend and had been since the first grade.  She was  younger than her friend by five months, but it mattered little to Kayla. She was a strong friend and was almost as excited for Lacey as she was for her own bracelet. She herself had been a little jealous of Kayla when she had seen her bracelet the first time, but then she realized she would receive her own in just a few short months.  Kayla’s bracelet had been so beautiful, with all the different colors of stones.  She could hardly wait for her turn. Now that time was upon them and she was bursting with excitement!

She was already up and dressed, so she hurried to put her shoes on and rushed downstairs to greet her family, now waiting for her in the dining room to wish her Happy Birthday!

As she entered the room her family began singing Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Lacey! Happy Birthday to you!

It was at that precise moment she saw it! There sitting next to her place setting was a box! It was a plain and simple white box with a red bow! Her heart leaped in her chest!She knew what was in the box! It was her beautiful bracelet! her hand reached for her bracelet as she grinned at both her parents.

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Dolls I created

I created a story about the lonliness of an old woman and the capacity of love she had to give, but had no one to give it to.  It was a cute little story and my grand daughter just loved it.  I then began to create the rag dolls to go along with my story.  My grand daughter says that someday when I die she gets the first set of them.  I may put it on here after my other story is finished. I will let you know when I decide.

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The Eye of Carpathia : Installment II: In the Beginning

In the great state of Wyoming wedged between two mountain ranges lies a sleepy little town known as Carpathia.  The town’s only claim to fame is the mining, the production, and the selling of the gemstone known as Cat’s Eye.

The gemstone  is well known  throughout the world for its use in making jewelry.  Found in a variety of colors, the stone is cut and polished, then made into beautiful pieces of jewelry; such as  bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings.

For the residents of Carpathia the rock represents a much broader meaning, especially to those who have reached their thirteenth year of life.  For them it means the difference between normality and insanity.  Because on their thirteenth birthday they are given a bracelet made from the jewels, each color of stone controlling various moods that a thirteen year old goes through during their transtion from babyhood to adolescence.  Without the stones being against the body in some way, the child will entertain reampant emotion, and possible transformations not expected otherwise.  If the bracelet is not worn,  if it should get lost or stolen and is not retrieved by the first day of the fourteenth year, the owner may transform and the transformation will be permanent. The following is the story of one such girl from Carpathia.

that is the end of the second installment. Please let me know if you want more.

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wire wrap jewelry

This is my first installment to my story. To the right of the story is the picture of the bracelet.  The story begins below.

“Eye of Carpathia”

The story was a part of Lacey’s life nearly every night until she was six.  But now, with her thirteenth birthday so close, she cracked open the thick book of legends again.  The Legend of the Cat’s Eye was dog eared, the corner of the pages were more creased than smooth. the soft scent of vanilla wafted from the pages as she started to read:

Around the world, the name Cat’s Eye is given to certain gemstones that possess a band of white down the center, mimicking the look of a feline’s eye.  These gems possess more than just similar bands of white; magic powers are said to accompany the gems.

Chrysoberyl is given to young girls on their thirteenth birthday in the form of a bracelet. Some say the tradition is due to the mood stabilizing powers of the Cat’s Eye.Others know the true reason, and how the Chrysoberyl got its name.

In ancient India, a headstrong young girl name Chrysobelle was given a bracelet made of the Cat’s Eye gems. Like every good mother, Chrysobelle’s told her she must never lose or remove her bracelet for her entire thirteenth year or she would face the most grave circumstances.

“What consequences could a silly bracelet give me?” the girl asked.

“We must never speak of it, but they are most dire, my dear.”

Chrysobelle didn’t believe her mother and sold the bracelet a week later in the bazaar. A new and colorful sari seemed a much more befitting gift the girl thought.  A year went by, and though her moods were erratic, Chrysobelle made it to the eve of her fourteenth birthday. While her mother was certain she put her daughter to bed the night before, when she went to wake her daughter the next morning, Chrysobelle was nowhere to be found in the room or in the house.

Chrysobelle’s mother went out into the street, hoping it was  cruel trick on her daughter’s part, but instead of finding her daughter, the mother found a Cat’s Eye bracelet. It was the same bracelet given to Chrysobelle on her thirteenth birthday.  Weeping at what her daughter had done, the mother returned to her daughter’s room to find a stray cat nesting on a sari.

“Shoo,” the mother cried. “I have lost a daughter and have no use for a cat.

Thus, the legend of the Cat’s Eye has become synonymous with a young girl’s journey into adulthood or through unspeakable transformations.

Laughing at Chrysobelle’s stupidity, Lacey closed the book and laid it back on the shelf.  Soon it would be her thirteenth birthday, and she vowed to be more diligent than the girl of the legend!

That is all for now.  The next time I will add just a little more.  Please let me know if you are enjoying the piece.

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Studio 3880


Response #1

I really enjoyed the readings “Finding Your Voice” and ‘Men With Pens”. I guess I am still trying to find my  voice, because sometimes I still feel shy or timid when I begin writing.  Although I felt stiff and stilted more when I first started than I do now.  It appears I am more comfortable with myself the more I write.  Even the words sound better when reading them back to myself.  The words are coming more freely as well.  I don’t have to stop and think how I want to say something. I do intend to try some of the exercises in the article by James Chartrand.  It may help me to find the blend of voice I need, or at least help me polish my existing voice.  I also discovered that my voice changes somewhat depending on the mood I am in. I can write better fight scenes if I am mad, better adventure scenes if I am excited, and more touching scenes if I am sad.  This tells me I have a number of voices which I need to combine into one voice in order for my writing to be authentic, exciting and good!

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